Release 1.5.2
Release 1.4.2
Release 1.4

Release 1.3.4
Release 1.3.2
Release 1.2.2
Release 1.1.8
- New uart command: Display nameSet, all icy and volume. Used to synchronize the lcd extension.
- cli.list command modified.
Release 1.1.7+
- Now Both AP SSID and AP Password are encoded to permit special characters like & : etc
- "Restore stations" corrected for some heavy lists
- Station information now gives the number of the current station
- retry client connection modified to avoid blocking situation.
- (1.1.7+) Volume offset on playlist was not working.
Release 1.1.6
- Modification of the list of uart command. See uart and html interfaces
- New sys.patch command. Inhibit or permit (default) the load of a vs1053 patch for AAC stations.
- New sys.led command. Default is blinking mode, or Play mode: the led is on when a station is playing.
- Modification of the wifi.con command. Now the AP can be set in the AP mode ( without the need of the web interface.
- New print button on the Stations panel: Print the list of stations, number and name.
- New logo ;-)
Release 1.1.5
- Modification of the list of uart command. See uart and html interfaces
- New IR and LCD software
- Autoplay corrected
Release 1.1.4
- Now 2 AP's can be set. The second one will be tested if the first is not detected.
- The Mac address of the radio is displayed
- An offset volume can be set for each station in Station editor.
- Pb on Autostart not correctly checked: corrected
- Added: a reset button for the equalizer
- Added a new uart command: cli.boot
Release 1.1.3
- New html command: instant="http://your url"
- The path of a station can now include some & parameters.
Release 1.1.2
- uart command list now can take a parameter: the number of the station to display.
.If no parameter, the complete list is sent.
- New wake and sleep features. Two modes: Time mode: "hh:mm" to wake or sleep at a given hour, or the delay mode "mm".
- Many minors html adjustments.
- Many bugs removed thanks to users feedback's.
Release 1.1.1
- The user agent for http request can be set for some special streams.
   Example: which need a user agent= pcradio.
   This pcradio user agent is already implemented automatically in the code when a pcradio station is encountered.
- Better station start and stop. (no more strange noises).
- Many bugs removed thanks to users feedback's.
Release 1.1.0
- Drag an drop on the stations list: rearrange the list by dragging a line to another one. Save the change when asked.
- Themes toggle between light blue and dark marron theme with a click on the logo.
- Sleep mode to stop the play after a delay.
- Functions on the web page are optimized.
- Many minor improvements on the code and the web page.
Release 1.0.10
- New uart interface command: cli.uart("x")
With x the uart baudrate at the next reset and permanently.
List of valid baudrate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 76880, 115200, 230400
The command will reply with
##CLI.UART= 115200# on the next reset.
- New Station selection with number
- Stations management in one page
- abort button on station edition.
- The I2S interface was not working. Thanks Discover1977 for the test
Release 1.0.9
- New html interface see uart and html interfaces
- New I2S external DAC interface on the vs1053. The I2S is enabled by default to 48kHz. To change the speed permanently use the uart interface with the command cli.i2s("x") with x =0 for 48kHz, x=1 for 96kHz and x=2 for 192kHz
The i2s interface is available on the alientek vs1053 with i2s_sclk on SCLK (GPIO16), i2s_sdata on SDIN (GPIO07), i2s_mclk on MCLK (GPIO05), i2s_lrout on LRCK (GPIO04).
- New Autostart: If autoplay is checked on the web interface, the current station is started at power on even with no web browser.
Release 1.0.8
- Corrected:
Some chunked html stations was wrong.
If no metadata, the station name is displayed in place
A station not found is indicated in the name on the web interface
Release 1.0.7
- Corrected: The webstation lists was wrong on empty station.
Release 1.0.6
- New sdk patch from Espressif see
- Now the maximum number of stations is 256
- Detection of external ram is working. If your chip has a /Vhold in place of /VBAT, the pin 7 must be wired to VCC (pin8)
- Save stations from... now working with the right filename for edge browser
- The AP Password field is masked.
- Increased spi clock for external ram